What is the Wall of Slavery?

The wall of slavery is systemic white supremacy.

The wall of slavery is the elimination of names and identities.

The wall of slavery is the erasure of family connections and histories.

How do we break down this wall?

We establish the existence of an enslaved individual where written records did not acknowledge their humanity.

How do we attempt to fill an historical void?

Our experience in interpreting available records allows us to recreate the existence of enslaved individuals.

1. Discovery

Together with you we discuss your goals and questions and aim to lay a strong foundation that acknowledges the gravity and importance of the work at hand while understanding each other’s commitment to the process

2. Research

We work to identify the enslaved individuals at a site through the existing historical documents. Our team is committed to exhaustively researching the available resources in the pursuit of restoring truths.

3. Interpretation

We will guide you through understanding and processing the information discovered. We are available to you to help further educate and create interpretive materials, to perform descendant research, and assist in reparations work.

 “If you’re a historian, your job is to help people understand not just what they want to remember, but what they need to remember. ”

– Lonnie G. Bunch, III, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution