Access to original historical documents is a fundamental principle of family history research.

An original source is the very first record made of an event. When someone with official and direct knowledge of a life event creates a record, this is an original source and is, therefore, the most accurate source of evidence you can hope to find about an event. Will and Deed books – from which our data has been derived – are types of original sources.

Purchasing copies of original Source Documents
To support your documentation efforts, we offer digital copies of all Source Documents listed in our database (these digital documents accurately preserve the images of the original records, which reside at the Fairfax County Historic Records Room, and are considered original sources). The fee for this service is $15.00 per document.

If you would like to purchase Source Documents, please complete and submit the form below, specifying the source file(s) you are requesting (for example: ‘S13, Will of Ann Adams’). A confirmation of your request will be emailed to you along with a payment link for completing your purchase. Once your purchase is complete, a PDF digital file will be emailed to you within 1-2 business days.

    Thank you! We are proud to be able to support your research efforts.