Slavery Inventory Database, LLC (SID) is a public history consultancy whose mission and passion is to establish the identities of individuals who remain hidden from, or have been neglected by, history.

Our research is focused on the early African American experience in the Mid-Atlantic region. Since 2005, we’ve collected, interpreted, and linked thousands of pieces of historical data. Our groundbreaking discoveries help break through the wall of slavery, bridge past and present, and build meaningful human connections.

As a leader in the field of slavery research, we’ve collaborated with museums, historical sites, religious institutions and individual families. Our team provides the historical research and interpretation as well as the critical support needed to understand and process these narratives as they are uncovered.

“It is very powerful.
We’re grateful to Maddy McCoy for her diligence in unearthing our family’s manumission document.”

– Roger Fairfax, father of VA Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax


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